1. What is NCOP?

NCOP is an NFT (non-fungible tokens) platform that issues, trades, and distributes NFTs and underlying tokens issued and distributed on the platform DApp. The name NCOP stands for “NFT Contest to Own Pick.” The Contest allows users to evaluate and discover the value of NFTs. It’s what differentiates NCOP from other NFT platforms.

The NCOP NFT platform facilitates the interaction between artists and users, allowing them and other markets to discover, evaluate, and preserve NFTs. It also encourages user participation by providing the fanbased community with collective intelligence and NFT evaluation services. These services ensure users and markets discover, evaluate, and preserve NFTs.

During the First Phase, we successfully entered the NFT art market. Phase 2 will begin implementing additional content, like sound sources, games, real estate, and anything of market value that can be digitized.

With the rapid growth of NFTs, the market’s attention has shifted to Web 3.0, a decentralized application that extensively uses blockchain-based technologies. Web 3.0 is the next evolution of Web 2.0, the user interface providing access to documents, applications, and multimedia online. Simply put, Web 3.0 exploits a platform’s ability to tailor web products and services to the individual.

Phase 3 of the NCOP Project focuses on entering the Metaverse, which has become a new and powerful NFT playground. And while there are issues and limitations with current Web 3.0 models, the NCOP Project has adopted several measures to overcome them, starting with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO. A DAO is essential for adequately deploying any NFT platform, as it benefits users and the ecosystem.

1-1. What Makes NCOP?

1-2. NCOP’s Vision – Taking NCOP Beyond Digital Art

1-3. Key Market Status

1-4. Problems and solutions

1-5. Target Market Analysis

1-6. Business Model

1-7. The Key to Success

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