1-2-4. Cultural Preservation (timeline: 0–12 Months)

In alignment with the UN SDGs (which ones) and UNESCO objectives, NCOP believes that a noble application of NFTs and digital content falls under the category of cultural preservation. The yearning for identity, heritage, and understanding of “self,” both individually and collectively, is the human condition.

Sadly, human history includes geopolitical events that have destroyed, erased, and disrupted the preservation of cultures, artifacts, and writings. The perishable nature of historical pieces stored and preserved through antiquated and costly methods calls for change. NCOP believes that current technologies can significantly enhance these processes.

Through Blue Continent, NCOP has partnered with several indigenous nations of the pacific islands and the Kingdom of Cambodia. Blue Continent (www.bluecontinent.org) is an economic research institute headquartered in Hawaii focused on the regenerative and sustainable application of technology for economic development and cultural preservation.

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