1-1. What Makes NCOP?

NCOP is an art based NFT Web 3.0 platform with a DAO where users evaluate and discover the value of NFTs, making it an optimal service for the Metaverse. NCOP’s Metaverse services will be carried out utilizing powerful Web 3.0 Tokenomics. The three fundamental elements will be the token-based economy, Web 3.0 platform services, and the DAO.

| Token Economy

Tokenomics acts as an incentive mechanism and monetary policy for crypto or a token’s supply and demand. Tokenomics rules how and when a new crypto or token should be generated or removed from the system. Once the Tokenomics is written into a smart contract, the system becomes automated.

The NCOP Project is based on Tokenomics, the fastest and most transparent method for growing a Web 3.0 community exponentially. NCOP will utilize Web 2.0 social media platforms to proliferate the community network and combine it with Web 3.0 Tokenomics for a more powerful network effect.

| Web 3.0 NFT Platform Services

Web 3.0 is a new World Wide Web concept. Users benefit by making, marketing, and exchanging their content rather than just publishing it on a platform. It also promotes decentralized networks based on blockchain technology, tackling ownership and data issues, which are the main drawbacks of Web 2.0.

NCOP's Web 3.0 NFT platform works by combining decentralization with interactive capabilities in a user-friendly interface through the blockchain. The Metaverse provides users with immediate community feedback for streamlining product development, allows them to target and penetrate markets more deeply, and enhances a user’s ability to control their online experience with increased security.


DAO is a new way of organizing online communities and businesses that removes the need for a central authority. It is a decentralized and autonomous organization run by code rather than people, providing a new, more efficient way to conduct fair business with transparency.

The core function of NCOP’s DAO is to issue a digital currency (governance token) to users, backers, or other stakeholders utilizing a system that gives token holders voting power. The same system allows the revenue generated to be shared, thus ensuring all within the ecosystem grow together. The token’s price on the secondary market determines its voting power.

| Metaverse

Advances in information technology are expanding the reach of the existing market from the real-world market to the cyber-world market. The Metaverse offers a new way of interacting with the world, one that is more immersive and interactive. As more people join the Metaverse, its impact will only grow. Core Metaverse technologies include the blockchain, digital assets, and NFTs.

In response to a real-world market shift towards metaversal changes and technological advancements, NCOP will adopt a better Web 3.0 environment for artists and users that is more efficient, effective, and convenient.

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