1-2-3. Disruptive Permeation (timeline 0–8 months)

NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are experiencing exponential growth. Yet, they remain segregated from societal and economic structures. Whilst NFT art has tapped into the mainstream, it remains a superficial expression of technology with greater potential.

This is not to speak negatively of NFT art. At NCOP, we believe that adapting to an increasingly discerning community is essential. However, the technology behind NFTs has matured to serve a more sophisticated purpose.

Beyond the socialization phase of NFT and blockchain technology, the founders of NCOP believe that there must be faithfulness to the mission rather than simply propagating a decentralized transactional environment.

The NCOP team is in the development phase of expanding the NCOP tech stack and its functionality, allowing for real-world asset title systems that satisfy a greater market to include:

  • Immovable and movable property

  • Intellectual property: patents, AV content

  • Transactional contracts

  • Financial securities: letters of credit, royalty streams, debt instruments, promissory notes, insurance securities, derivatives

Naturally, as NCOP is not a financial service provider and does not possess regulatory licenses and permissions, the above initiatives will progress through partnerships and agreements with licensed financial institutions and government regulators.

Currently, NCOP is authorized to state that “NCOP Phase 2 initiatives have commenced with the Kingdom of Cambodia and several other governments in Europe and Asia.”

We are not yet authorized to disclose more about initiatives with other governments, as they require multilateral and international cooperation through jurisdictional procedures and compliance. More information will be disclosed following consensus approval from each governing body.

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