4-1. Token System

NCOP's token system configuration is based on the mainnet.

The NCOP token, which is the primary token, was structured from the beginning to distribute the ski NFT and Art NFT together to create a mega-service.

NCOP is distributed throughout the entire ecosystem and acts as the platform’s underlying digital asset.

When designing Tokenomics, circulating more tokens than necessary is undesirable because it can cause confusion with investors and users. NCOP was designed to solve NCOP ecosystem utility problems.

| DAO Governance Coin

The NCOP token has the functionality of a DAO's governance token within the NCOP ecosystem. Governance function refers to the functionality used to propose an agenda within the DAO or exercise the right to vote.

However, NCOP does not prevent using a separate token within the ecosystem as a governance token. Given its expansion through strengthening the interconnectedness of the ecosystem, this method is not recommended.

| Incentives for NCOP Ecosystem Activities (community)

In principle, NCOP token rewards incentivize user activity within the NCOP ecosystem.

Paying incentives for various activities within the ecosystem increases the utility and activity of the NCOP token, and helps maintain their value.

In addition, unifying incentives for various activities through inter-community engagement within the ecosystem creates a network effect.

| NFT Payment and Utility Features

Within the NCOP ecosystem, NCOP tokens are not only used as a payment method for NFT purchases, but they also support the exchange of various NFT utilities for NCOP tokens.

This support increases NCOP token utilization by giving users more freedom, which, in effect, preserves the value of both tokens at the same time.

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