2-2. Web 3.0 Optimized tokenomics

Crypto-economics and tokenization are creating new models while disrupting our lives around organization and ownership. “User-owned” and operated, they are built for and developed by the communities they serve. Web 3.0 is the internet owned by users.

However, despite these advantages, users of Web 3.0 do not see an explosive increase when compared to Web 2.0. To overcome these challenges, NCOP offers several solutions based on a new analysis of Tokenomics.

In order for a Web 3.0 service to overcome an initial cold start and bring about a more efficient network effect, it must target active participants who need the service rather than passive participants. Token incentives should be designed and applied to these active participants according to the degree of utility (utilization) of the service.

Along with the Cold Start issue, NCOP recognizes weak-tie issues among community members in the ecosystem. Therefore, we propose ways to incentivize weak-connected members to become more interactive. NCOP-recommended Tokenomics does this.

These NCOP tokenomics will explore and apply more fundamental ways to expand the number of users of Web 3.0 services, causing NCOP’s ecosystem to expand at an exponential rate.

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