1-2. NCOP’s Vision – Taking NCOP Beyond Digital Art

Art and culture are expressions of the human condition. Whether light and rudimentary or deep and intimate, art and culture remain a manifestation of who we are. The founders of NCOP believe that NFTs and Web 3.0 should be utilized and matured accordingly.

NCOP’s near-term evolutionary path demonstrates our commitment to this belief. The NCOP roadmap, therefore, not only grows the community but also enhances the technology’s value and utility – elements we have worked hard to develop and deliver to the market.

For NCOP to become successful for our community and meaningful to society, synergistic partnerships and cooperation are essential. Partnerships for the sake of marketing hype are of no interest to NCOP. Naturally, efforts aimed at raising awareness to grow our community are essential. However, NCOP will not disrespect the community’s intelligence by forming partnerships that “piggyback” on the prominence of other organizations. Our roadmap will be administered with the support of reputable and knowledgeable partners capable of execution in their fields of expertise.

The NCOP Evolutionary Roadmap is outlined below and features Inclusion, Accessibility, Disruption, and Cultural Preservation.

1-2-1. Inclusion (timeline: 0–3 Months)

1-2-2. Accessibility (timeline: 0–2 Months)

1-2-3. Disruptive Permeation (timeline 0–8 months)

1-2-4. Cultural Preservation (timeline: 0–12 Months)

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