1-7. The Key to Success

Improved Platform

NCOP is already a place where the user base creates the main body, making it the only NFT platform that is discovered, appreciated, and valued in the marketplace.

NFT Contests that generate collective intelligence within a fan-based community stabilizes the NFT market substantially.

Fanbase Community

NCOP’s fanbase community is essentially its business engine. These human networks play a critical role in initial market entry.

The art world has a deep history and formed a unique community with specific needs. Our fanbase community services are aimed at addressing those needs, firstly through market research and later with feedback collected through AI from NCOP users. Platform development and software updates are always ongoing.

Partnerships with relevant associations, such as schools, professional organizations, and businesses, serve two purposes; 1) to expand the fanbase community; and 2) to keep the information, interactions, and feedback fresh.

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