2-1. Discovering NFTs through Contests

NCOP’s fundamental service categories are; 1) supporting the fanbase community, 2) conducting collective intelligence and assessment for NFT valuation, and 3) promoting NFT contests. These separate elements, when consolidated, create synergies with each other.

NCOP’s go-to-market strategy is focused on carrying out these three fundamental services.

| Fanbase

An organized community of NFTs and artists that, when nurtured, creates a stable foundation. NCOP is a place where artists and users can interact and strengthen bonds. NFT artists share their work over third-party channels to increase demand, attract additional users, and expand the fanbase community.

| Collective Intelligence Valuation

Solves the problem of arbitrary pricing and establishes more accurate and reliable base NFT pricing for experts and users in the marketplace.

| NFT Contests

Help to focus and deploy marketing strategies properly. Create excitement and competitive incentives.

NFT contests are events and campaigns that can be scheduled or random. Focused marketing is based on fanbase community feedback and collective intelligence assessments. The NFT community and creators compete in developing promotional products and activities through contests. This behavior increases product value, identifies and promotes popular artists, and builds fan bases that expand and strengthen the community. On NCOP, stars are born!

As such, NCOP has developed a market access strategy in three ways: the fandom community, the NFT contest, and the collective intelligence assessment, each of which has a synergistic interaction with the other, which in turn can lead to the expansion and strengthening of the NCOP ecosystem. We do.

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