1-1. What is NCOP?

"NCOP is an art NFT Web 3.0 platform that includes DAOs and is the subject of users evolving into metaverses. ”

NCOP is a platform where users evaluate and discover the value of NFTs and become the main body of NFTs, and is an N FT platform that embeds DAOs and metaverse services based on the powerful Web 3.0 Tokenomics.

l Token Economy

The NCOP project is based on tokenomics, which leads to the exponential spread of the Web 3.0 community. NCOP analyzes the differences between Web 2.0's social media platforms and the power that Web 2.0 has created for the rapid proliferation of community networks with the tokenomics of Web 3.0 to create a more powerful network effect.

l Web 3.0 NFT Platform Services

NCOP is an NFT platform that issues, trades, and distributes NFTs along with the underlying tokens that are issued and distributed on the platform DApp.

In particular, the NCOP NFT platform facilitates the interaction between artists and users, provides a fandom community service and a collective intelligence NFT evaluation service that ensures the subjective participation of users, so that NFTs are discovered from users and markets , and discriminatory NFTs where banners are evaluated and preserved. Platform.


The proliferation of Web 3.0 has led to the recent proliferation of DAOs. DAOs are the organizations and operating systems that best align with the spirit of Web 3.0.

NCOP ensures the transparency and democracy of the platform's operations through DAO operations, and ensures a system that allows the revenue to be shared, so that the NCOP ecosystem can grow together.

l Metaverse

Advances in information technology are expanding the reach of the existing market from the Real World market to the Cyber World market, the Metaverse world . In addition, in the metaverse, blockchain, digital assets, and NFT are becoming core technologies.

In response to these market changes and technological advancements, NCOP will provide a more advanced and convenient environment for artists and users.

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