5-1. Art NFT (~12.2022)

The first step in the NCOP roadmap is the service phase of the NFT platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. At this stage, NCOP will promote the listing with ERC-20 tokens.

l Art NFT and NCOP token listing

The NCOP Art NFT platform starts as a Web 3.0 DApp platform running on the Ethereum network. At the same time, the NFT platform's base currency, the NCOP token, will be issued and the listing will be promoted.

By using the Ethereum network, which already has a wide range of users worldwide, the NCOP platform will be able to reach users more familiarly and lower the threshold for entry into the NCOP ecosystem.

l Creating the service foundation of the platform

The NCOP NFT platform prioritizes the formation of a fandom community around the artists of the Gallery, and proceeds with the initial business to ensure that existing achievements lead to the NFT ecosystem.

In doing so, we push to create a solid foundation for the leap forward of the NCOP NFT platform.

At the same time, we will also carry out activities to bring the Gallery's network of experts and related associations and organizations into the NCOP ecosystem, so that a stronger foundation can be created.

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