6. Disclaimer

This White Paper is intended to provide stakeholders and unspecified persons interested in NCOP with comprehensive information on the underlying ideas and technologies of the NCOP platform .

The NCOP project team has carefully reviewed the information and technologies in order to describe the correct information and technologies in the white paper, has faithfully described the technologies retained and applied, and strives to deliver timely updates through continuous updates.

However, the NCOP project team does not have the purpose of guaranteeing or asserting the accuracy and completeness of any matter in relation to the content described in this white paper.

Therefore, the NCOP project team shall not be liable for any loss caused by the use or processing, non-use, unuse, misuse, etc. of the information described in this white paper, or for any damage caused by inaccurate or incomplete content.

6-1. Legal Disclaimer

6-2. Cautions Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

6-3. Additional Information and Advice

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