2-1. Discovering NFTs through Contests

NCOP presents a fandom-centric community, a collective intelligence assessment for NFT valuation, and NFT contests as a main service.

NCOP is building a strong go-to-market strategy based on these differentiation services.

Fandom, community, collective intelligence assessments, and contests are closely related services, and NCOP is consolidating these services to create synergies with each other.

Fandom will allow it to be organized as a community, making it a stable foundation for NFTs and creators. NFTs and creators can strengthen bonds while interacting with each other through the community. In doing so, NFTs and creators can continue to secure demand, accompanied by the expansion of the community and the increase in demand.

Collective Intelligence Valuation is helping not only experts, but also ordinary users to participate in the majority.

The collective intelligence assessment solves the problem of arbitrary pricing for the initial NFT, allowing meaningful initial prices and price baselines to be determined and traded on the market. NCOP's NFTs enable a more reliable value and price to be provided in the market through a collective intelligence assessment.

NCOP is committed to NFT contests to help you deploy focused marketing.

NFT contests are events and campaigns that focus on marketing activities such as promotions based on the fandom community and collective intelligence assessments. The NFT community and creators will be able to competitively develop their promotional and promotional activities through contests, allowing them to gain new appreciation in the public and the market, and to discover new stars.

In doing so, NFT contests will be a catalyst for virtuous circle of interactions, discovering new creators, turning them into stars, and expanding and strengthening the fandom community.

As such, NCOP has developed a market access strategy in three ways: the fandom community, the NFT contest, and the collective intelligence assessment, each of which has a synergistic interaction with the other, which in turn can lead to the expansion and strengthening of the NCOP ecosystem. We do.

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