4-4. Distribution of tokens

  1. The NCOP token is the platform DApp base token.

  2. The NCOP token is a pre-mining deflationary coin.

  3. NCOP tokens are not mined separately

  4. NCOP tokens have a maximum supply of 600,000,000 (NCOP).

l Distribution of NCOP Tokens

The distribution of tokens is the largest with DAO Treasury and resource usage at 47%, with 12% as a sponsorship to support artists' creation and issuance of NFTs.

For NCOP marketing, we allocate 15% of airdrops along with 5% for marketing.

We allocate 5% and 8% for the development and project teams, respectively.

In addition, a private sale of 1% is allocated to secure funding for initial development and operations, and the public sale allocates 1.5% for a total of 3% each over two occasions.

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