1-7. The Key to Success

NCOP is an NFT platform in which the user is the main body, pursuing the only NFT platform that is discovered, appreciated, and valued in the marketplace.

Contest NFTs and collective intelligence evaluation services will broadly identify and value works and authors, and will contribute greatly to the stabilization of the NFT market by creating a stable fandom-based community.

This differentiates itself as a key success factor for NCOP.

l Key to NCOP Success

  1. Fandom Community Services

A core competency of NCOP Business is the fandom community. The fandom community serves as the engine for NCOP's NFT business.

2. Partnerships with relevant associations, schools, professional organizations, etc.

The art world has a long history and has formed its own community. These human networks play a very important role in the initial market entry. The NCOP has established a plan to address these challenges with “the Gallery”.

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