1-6. Business Model

NCOP is a "fandom community-based NFT contest platform" with a unique model in which users become the main body and create value together with artists.

l NCOP's Value Proposition

  1. Discovering NFTs through a contest

By discovering NFTs through regular or irregular contests within the NCOP platform , they can be highly valued from the NFT discovery process, ensuring marketability and transparency in price valuation. At the same time, we are allowing fandoms to be formed during the contest process, so that a stable community based on fandom can be created so that the NFT transactions of the artists in question can be stabilized.

2. Ensuring credibility through collective intelligence assessment

Issues such as NFT price volatility due to the problem of NFT initial price base calculation by unilateral evaluation of artists and platform management are related to NFT value by applying the collective intelligence assessment in which ordinary users and experts participate together in conjunction with the contest method. You will be able to achieve objectivity.

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