5-3. Mainnet (12.2024)

The third step of the NCOP roadmap is to integrate the NCOP's NFT and DAO with metaverse. The NCOP metaverse will be developed and operated on the basis of the mainnet. In doing so, we will be able to provide all the resources and costs of metaverse services to meet the needs of the NCOP ecosystem.

l Open the Metaverse

The NCOP metaverse is a collection of N FTs. All items in the metaverse are all implemented as NFTs. The base currency within the metaverse is the NCOP token, and the governance within the metaverse is the NCOP DAO governance.

NCOP will apply itself from the real world to the virtual world with metaverse, creating a market in the wider world.

l Mainnet Development

The NCOP mainnet will be designed and built with the NCOP NFT platform as the primary goal. In doing so, the NCOP NFT Platform will be able to offer more powerful features and a wide range of services.

The NCOP mainnet will be driven by a unique development roadmap that will be designed, implemented, and tested with the goal of releasing it in December 2024.

The proprietary mainnet will be developed to be 100% interchangeable with all of the existing Ethereum protocols, making it easy to transition achievements such as the NCOP NFT and community from previous phases, so that the continuity of NCOP is not compromised.

l Global DAO Generalization

The NFT ecosystem has a DAO as a necessity. These DAOs have a global character from the very beginning, mediated by their own proprietary monetary system.

The NCOP NFT DAO continues to push the ecosystem to expand into the global realm. The Global NFT Contest will create a great opportunity for NCOP DAOs to expand into the global arena. Based on these achievements, in 2024, we will promote the NCOP DAO to develop full-fledged business activities as a global DAO.

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