5. Roadmap

NCOP starts with the NFT DApp of the initial Ethereum blockchain, and the NCOP token is also issued and distributed as ERC-20 tokens. However, due to the limitations of being constrained by the mainnet governance itself centered on the Ethereum gas policy, NCOP has gone through three phases to build an NFT platform and DAO foundation based on its own mainnet, we want to enable the services and operational efficiencies that NCO P aims to do and the freedom to upgrade to meet the needs of the ecosystem. NCOP will also allow metaverse services to be opened on a mainnet basis, ensuring that the utilization and transactions of NFTs are maximally guaranteed.

5-1. Art NFT (~12.2022)

5-2. DAO & NFT+ (~12.2023)

5-3. Mainnet (12.2024)

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