5-2. DAO & NFT+ (~12.2023)

The second phase of the roadmap is the launch of DAO, which applies the various technologies of NFT to issue and distribute richer NFTs and to build a full-fledged NCOP business.

l DAO Launch

The NCOP NFT platform operates as a DAO operation, moving into a system in which the ecosystem is the master.

The NCOP NFT DAO will be designed and operated by all participants in the ecosystem, including creator artists, users, and related professionals, to help participants share the benefits.

The NCOP token, the base currency, will be designed and built to be used as the governance token of the DAO, enabling the DAO to establish itself as the primary governance organization of the NCOP ecosystem.

l NFT+ Service

NFTs that are limited to the initial application of Static NFT technology will continue to be applied step by step from 2023 onwards, with technologies such as Utility NFT, Dynamic NFT, Interactive NFT, and Rental NFT being applied to support the issuance of a wider variety of NFTs.

In addition, we will promote horizontal expansion of the area of the NCOP NFT platform from Art NFT to NFT in other fields such as sound source, real estate, etc., to establish a comprehensive NFT business system.

l Global NFT Contest and Marketing Generalization

At this stage, we are in full swing with the NCOP NFT service.

Conduct fandom communities, collective intelligence assessments, and NFT contests systematically, regularly and irregularly, to revitalize the NCOP business and promote the expansion of the ecosystem to exponential scale.

In particular, we hold global NFT contests on a large scale to maximize the effectiveness of NCOP NFT marketing.

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