4. NCOP Tokenomics

In the digital asset project, Tokenomics plays a very important role. Tokenomics encompasses the economics of digital assets. It includes the creation and distribution of digital assets that are coins or tokens, their utilization, and incentives. In the early stages of the blockchain, when designing Tokenomics, we focused on how attractive it can look from an investor's point of view, but in the recent Web 3.0 stage, we are designing it with the revitalization and expansion of the ecosystem in mind.

l NCOP considers not only the issue of the creation and distribution of digital assets, but also the revitalization of the NCOP ecosystem more significantly, and proposes ways to increase the value of the NCOP ecosystem.

l In addition, NCOP seeks to find a cause of a significant decline in the ecosystem expansion rate of Web 3.0 compared to Web 2.0 and a solution related to the Network Effect. Yes.

(1) Token incentives for Cold Start problems and network effects

(2) Strengthening Weak Ties for Network Effects

4-1. Token System

4-2. Token incentives for network effects

4-3. Weak Tie for Network Effects

4-4. Distribution of tokens

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